HT Series

HT Series

HT Series

HT Series

HT Series

HT Series

HT Series

HT Series

HT Series

HT Series

HT Series

HT Series

HT Series


Inductance: up to customer specification

Made of high-quality magnetic material that is wide band, wide temperature, and high impedance

Narrow and long magnetic hysteresis loop

Small coercive force

Thermostable impact

High stability

Low stray capacity

Strong filter performance

Maintains higher impedance even under high-frequency working conditions to achieve better filtration

High stability and high saturation current

Good frequency characteristics

Easy installation

Strict quality control

Small orders accepted

Experienced technical staff can meet any design needs


Useful in a wide variety of power conversion applications

Isolates AC frequency currents

Prevents electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) from power supply lines

Prevention of malfunctions of electronic equipment

Suppresses common mode noise

Low winding capacitance

Compact size and high performance

Initiates oscillation

Wide frequency range

RoHS compliant

Custom-made with various specifications


Electronic ballasts, compact fluorescent lamps, televisions, portable audio devices, power supplies, monitors, video devices, laptops, digital cameras, communications system, set top boxes, networking systems, and much more.

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