You’ve Never Heard of GEI?

You’ve never heard of GEI?  These people have.

Some of GEI's biggest clients.

Not too shabby of a cast of characters, eh?

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A Question of Balance

As the rebuild of the GEI website marches on, we can now show everybody our standard line of balun transformers.  While there are many applications for a “balanced-unbalanced” transformer, these will be of most interest to manufacturers of communication equipment and television-related devices.

Let the Sun Shine In

The rebuild of GEI Inc.’s website marches on with the completion of the Solar Panels section! Customers can now see our full line of standard monocrystalline and polycrystalline panels plus our other solar-powered products. Don’t know the difference between types of solar panels? Take a look at our Mono vs. Poly page. Whether a standard panel fits the job or customization is needed, GEI has the experience and capacity to exceed any customer’s requirements.

Under Construction

The GEI Inc. website is finally receiving its long-awaited upgrade.  Please bear with us as we get everything installed.