Silicon Nitride HSI

GEI’s silicon nitride (Si3N4) hot surface igniters (HSI) include two basic styles: flat and round. All have CSA certification and are manufactured at our ISO 9001:2015 certified facility in Thailand.

Examples of GEI's silicon nitride HSI
Examples of GEI’s silicon nitride (Si3N4) HSI

NOTE: The table below lists only a few of GEI’s available Si3N4 HSI options. Each element can be offered with a variety of wires, connectors, and brackets. In addition, other models matching other manufacturers are also available. Please contact GEI if the match you need is not shown below.

Picture Robertshaw P/N Matching Brand Matching P/N Style
41-426N 41-426N Carrier/Bryant LH33ZG001 Flat
41-427N 41-427N Goodman/Amana 0130F00008 Flat
41-428N 41-428N Trane IGN00152 Flat
41-429N 41-429N York S-102545231000 Flat
41-430N 41-430N Lennox/Allied 70W16 Flat
41-804N 41-804N Carrier/Bryant LH33ZG001 Flat
768A-844 N/A Emerson/Copeland/White-Rodgers 768A-844 Flat
789A-751A1 N/A Emerson/Copeland/White-Rodgers 789A-751A1 Flat
789A-801A1 N/A Emerson/Copeland/White-Rodgers 789A-801A1 Flat
789A-956A1 N/A Emerson/Copeland/White-Rodgers 789A-956A1 Flat
Glo120-100-370FHT N/A Crystal Technica Glo120-100-370FHT Flat
Glo12-40-TE1360 N/A Crystal Technica Glo12-40-TE1360 Round
Glo12-50-370N N/A Crystal Technica Glo12-50-370N Round
GLO120-160-370RPHT N/A Crystal Technica GLO120-160-370RPHT Round
Glo120-160-HH229QD N/A Crystal Technica Glo120-160-HH229QD Round
Glo120-160-HH229QD N/A Emerson/Copeland/White-Rodgers H150 Universal Ignitor Round

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