GEI LCD, founded in January 1997, is dedicated to the design and manufacturing of LCDs for the North American market. Our goal is to provide our customers with quality products, competitive pricing, and superior service from joint ventures and strategic partnerships around the world. We are committed to providing our customers with the most reliable products that meet or exceed their stringent requirements.

GEI is headquartered in San Dimas, California USA with a satellite office in Shenzhen, China. It is a multi-faceted, minority-owned corporation. Our products range from passive LCDs such as TN, HTN, STN, and FSTN to color displays such as TFT. Assembly capabilities including COB, SMT, COG, and COF are offered for a wide variety of our standard products and for custom designs. GEI is also one of the few manufacturers offering ChLCD (Bi-Stable) and E-Paper technologies.

GEI LCD carried out the first grand technology reformation in 1996 as well as the second one in 2004. Certifications include ISO9001, RoHS compliance, ISO14001, and ISO/TS16949.

Production of COG and TAB modules began in 2000. A brand new 8,500 square-meter factory was built in 2004. It is currently staffed by approximately 90 engineers and 1,000 total employees. The factory creates all manner of high quality LCD products for consumer, automotive, industrial, and communications applications. GEI LCD also maintains several ancillary manufacturing sites for other special needs.

The GEI LCD manufacturing facility is one of the largest in China. It covers over 322,000 square feet with 32,000 square feet dedicated to super purified Class 100 clean room equipment. With a large investment in state-of-the-art automated production equipment, the plant produces over 1.6 million square feet of LCD panels per year. Assembly capabilities include Surface Mount Device (SMD) and Chip On Board (COB) products at 2.4 million units per year and Flexible Printed Circuits (FPC) Heat Seal Products at 1.2 million per year.

With its enormous manufacturing capability, GEI LCD provides a very fast production lead time. Quick LCD designs can be completed in as little as one to two days with a prototype in two to three weeks and mass production started in another two to three weeks. On more involved products such as LCM and back-lights, designs can take as little as three to six days with a prototype in six to eight weeks and mass production starting in another six to eight weeks.

GEI LCD has the capacity to serve the largest corporations or the smallest business needs. Our high level of design, quality, and customer service combined with our low costs have brought GEI LCD to the attention of several Fortune 500 companies. Among our more famous clients are such well-known companies as Bosch, Carrier, Citizen, Electrolux, Flextronics, General Electric, Kenwood, LG Electronics, National Electronics, Rheem, Sanyo, Samsung, Seiko, United Technologies/Carrier, ElcoBrandt of Germany (now part of Fagor based in Spain), and Sagem Télécommunications of France.

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