I’ve Never Heard of GEI

Most people have never heard of GEI Inc.  Our company philosophy is to remain quiet and humble.  Money is not spent on a lot of self-promotion aimed toward the general public as, of course, those expenses would have to be passed along to our customers and their consumers.

However, just because GEI is not generally well-known does not mean it is a second-rate company.  Take a look at just some of the very famous corporations for which GEI is an approved supplier.

GEI's clients include Albertsons, Norcold, Fluke, Snap-on, Gojo, Genie, Rheem, Carrier, Avid, and SEL

GEI’s products serve millions of Americans every day even if they don’t know it.

As one might imagine, corporations such as the ones shown above have extremely high standards and demand the most competitive pricing.  GEI also serves many much smaller companies with their own need for high quality and low costs.

Most importantly, all of GEI’s customers receive the same level of customer service.  Everybody deserves the same care whether their orders total in the thousands or millions of pieces.  GEI believes that it can be successful only if its customers are successful.